Integrated Treatment

Spirit, body and mind, drawing circlesIt is no surprise that long term substance use and misuse can lead to many physical ailments including; hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and much more. Conversely, physical ailments often exacerbate or initiate substance problems. Because of the interrelatedness of behavioral health and physical health integrated care was born. With an integrated approach we coordinate care between medical professionals and behavioral health professionals. Most importantly, as providers we communicate about our patients to ensure that no treatment matter is left unattended.

At Coastal Turning Point it is our mission to provide integrated treatment for the whole person. Clients will not only be seen by our licensed clinicians to assess and treat mental health problems and or addiction problems.

We believe with an integrated approach, that our treatment is more effective and more sustainable. For many people there is great fear and anxiety surrounding undiagnosed symptoms of physical problems. Once clients face their fears about seeing their doctor and following treatment recommendations, their anxiety is reduced. Through the process of taking care of our bodies we gain self-esteem. Integrated care is helping the whole person. This is the only way to true healing.
Visit the SAHMSA website to learn more about integrated care.