Chronic Pain Treatment

It's normal to feel pain from time to time, but chronic pain is differentPain Management.  People who experience chronic pain hurt for months or years, long after an injury occurs, and often from a chronic or structural condition not caused by injury. Continual pain impacts everyday life and can have an adverse effect on relationships and one's ability to participate in activities they once enjoyed.  Chronic pain can also persists even after the injury appears healed or there is no longer any evidence of the original condition.

Those coping with chronic pain typically experience emotional and psychological consequences which affect their daily activities, quality of life, relationships, and often have repercussions in the workplace.  As time goes on, chronic pain can cause peopele to avoid activities that might increase it, and lose physical fitness.  Unable to participate in normal work or recreational activities, chronic pain suffers can experience hopelessness and worsening depression, as well as frustration, fear, anger and worry.

Coastal Turning Point provides a path to wellness with an integrative approach to chronic pain.

Our Approach

  • detoxify the body of chemicals
  • reduce substance cravings
  • calm the mind
  • improve the immune system
  • release endorphins into the body promoting a sense well-being
  • enhanced ability to abstain from addictive substances. It is also said to
  • increase energy in the body making it easier for clients to stay active

The NADA protocol is done at many treatment centers nation wide and many states have laws allowing clinical providers to be trained in doing this process, unfortunately California is not one of them and so acupuncture is often overlooked as a form of support for those in acute or post acute withdrawal. Looking at the research and through personal experience CTP has made as  part of its program acupuncture when available. This can be suspended at times due to availability of state licensed acupuncturist. Please ask upon for acupuncture schedule.