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The concept behind Coastal Turning Point was originated by Cassia and Shawn who collectively have over two decades in the substance abuse and mental health industry. After realizing they shared many of the same philosophical points of view regarding effective versus ineffective treatment, they began to develop the treatment model behind Coastal Turning Point. Their goal was to create a behavioral health treatment center for teens and adults that meets the differing needs of the community with an individualized approach, utilizing various evidence based treatments through skilled and compassionate therapists. This unique treatment offers more than just simple drug and alcohol counseling combined with 12 – step support. We work to reach the underlying causes of addiction issues. We achieve this with small group sizes, integrated care through our contracted Addiction Medicine Physician, individualized treatment, and varied treatment options. Additionally we offer several unique evidence based services including EMDR, and Biofeedback.
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MFT, LPCC Co-owner Lic#45342

Cassia Bloom

Cassia began her behavioral health career in 2004 working as a mental health therapist and program supervisor in the public health sector in a dual diagnosis, non-profit program. Here she assisted clients from varied backgrounds and important programs, including; Prop 36, CalWorks, and the Full Service Partnership. After obtaining licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist in 2008 Cassia began concurrently building a private practice.

After only 3 years Cassia had a full case load in her private practice and worked as a consultant for a substance abuse treatment center in Santa Cruz County. During this time Cassia began her training as an intervention specialist working with families struggling with addiction in their family and navigating their loved ones toward treatment. In addition, she gained licensure as an LPC in 2014.

After several years of running a successful counseling center, consulting with treatment centers and conducting intervention work Cassia decided it was time to manifest her life-long dream to create a dual diagnosis behavioral health treatment center in Santa Cruz County. At this time she met Shawn Smith, MFT, CADCII, who had a similar background and approach to treatment.

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Shawn Smith

Shawn began his career in counseling in 2002 by volunteering at a local treatment center. After some time, and encouragement from the facilities full-time staff to seek a paid position and pursue counseling as a career, he returned to school and began to pursue credentialing to further his options in the field of addiction treatment. It wasn’t long after getting certified as a Substance Abuse Counselor that he was given the opportunity to be a team lead, and eventually into administration which provided many opportunities to experience the challenges faced by both management as well as by the clinicians who worked in these programs.

In 2006, Shawn took a position working in Santa Clara County’s Public Health sector. There, in addition to his responsibilities as Clinical Supervisor, he worked with individuals, families, and groups in a number of different settings. These included a dual diagnosis facility, a facility serving as a secondary option to incarceration, a 90 bed all female residential unit, and finally was the director of the largest provider of outpatient services in Santa Clara County.

During this time Shawn worked extensively with Substance abuse and mental health and wanting to broaden his scope of practice Shawn continued to pursue an education in an effort to obtain licensure as a Marriage and Family Therapist and LPC. His education complete, and wanting to stay closer to home, in 2012 with 10 years of experience working with adults and children ages 5-18 in both substance abuse and the mental health field Shawn returned to the treatment center at which his career began, this time as the Clinical Director. During his time in the position, he met Cassia Bloom, MFT. Sharing a similar vision they started Coastal Turing Point.

Why Choose Coastal Turning Point For Your Recovery Program

At Coastal Turning Point we believe that wellness is derived from leading a life with meaningful relationships, productive work, and an ability to positively manage your emotional state. Coastal Turning Point acknowledges that substance abuse and mental health deteriorate a person’s quality of life. Through the process of trauma, drug addiction and the impulse control problems associated with substance abuse, people’s productivity, relationships, and well-being slowly weaken. It is our belief that by utilizing evidence based, holistic practices that we can assist in restoring meaningful, productive, and connected lives for our clients and our community.